"We aim to bring long-term, stable resources to Turkey"

Simsek attended a meeting which hosted about 400 investors and fund managers, organized by Bank of America Merrill Lynch in New York.

Later on he spoke at a press meeting in the Turkish House and said, he has been holding talks in groups with 400 fund managers in the past four days in London and New York and said, "These funds manage about $10 trillion sources in developing countries like Turkey."

Simsek said that he attended majority of the meetings and added, "We aim to bring long-term, stable resources to Turkey. We need external sources in the scope of Turkey's strong and ongoing growth. We work hard in order to prompt sources all around the globe and Turkey to increase employment and investments in Turkey."

Turkish Finance Minister Simsek stated that in the meeting they covered the crisis in European Union, affects of oil prices and affects of geopolitical tensions in the region.

He underlined, confidence in Turkey was pretty high and investors were optimistic.

Simsek said, despite the crisis in the EU, Turkey diversified its exportation and this was appreciated.

Confidence in Turkey, fiscal discipline of past few years and achieving successful results in debt-reduction were indicators as there were almost no questions regarding the budget, he highlighted.