Minister Şimşek, underlines "financial gains" of ending terrorism

Addressing the Business and Trade Community of Bursa at a recent event, Turkish Finance Minister Simsek identified the importance of a successful resolution of the Kurdish issue to make significant contribution to Turkey financially.

Emphasizing the size of the budget that has been historically spent on the fight against terrorism, Simsek said, "If the talks for the resolution of the Kurdish issue end successfully, we can use the budget previously allocated for fighting against terrorism to establish the long term future of our country; in other terms, for education. The success of the resolution of the Kurdish issue will significantly contribute to Turkey financially."

"Eastern and Southeastern Turkey have developed less compared to the West despite all incentives. The fertility rate is 1.59 in the West of Turkey, whereas it is 4.00 in the East of Turkey, translating into a large young population with potential in the East. In my opinion, speedy development will take place with the implementation of peace in the Eastern and Southeastern regions," Minister Simsek added.

Stating that Turkish governments have been using their energy on fighting against terror in the last 40-50 years, Simsek said, "Once we resolve our own (Kurdish) issue in the framework of advanced democracy and fundamental rights and freedoms, it is highly probable that Turkey will become a source of inspiration not only in our region but also in the world. Turkey has become an important actor economically, politically and military-wise both in the region and globally in recent years and it will become even stronger once the Kurdish issue is resolved."

Simsek also highlighted his hope that the resolution process would result in a new constitution that in his opinion, Turkey deserves.