Finance Minister Şimşek attends WEF

The World Economic Forum was held in Jordan with the participation of high level officials, economists and businessmen from many countries.

The main theme of the Forum attended by 900 politicians was "Boosting Middle Eastern and North African Economies."

Economic and political stability in the Middle East and North Africa topped the agenda at the meeting.

Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek represented Turkey at the World Economic Forum.

Şimşek delivered a speech at the panel titled “Creating a Difference in Developing Markets."

Şimşek said “Turkey with its recent economic performance has become a front runner in the region. Many countries look to Turkey as a role model. Moreover, many prominent leaders of the business world say Turkey is a source of inspiration."

Şimşek also underlined that Turkey will continue to stand as a role model and contribute to the development of the region.