Solution of Kurdish issue to positively impact budget

Turkish FinMin underlined that solving Kurdish issue meant an economic leap forward, increase in potential to grow.

Turkish Minister of Finance Mehmet Simsek stated that the solution of the Kurdish issue would have a positive impact on the budget and the resources allocated for fighting against terrorism would be invested in the long term future of the country. 
Simsek gave an interview to the Wall Street Journal Turkey via Twitter for the first time.
Simsek stated that solving the Kurdish issue meant an economic leap forward, increase in the potential to grow, efficient use of resources and investment in the long term future for Turkey. 
The 300 billion dollars spent on fighting against terrorism in the past would be allocated to be used for infrastructure and R&D expenses, focusing on structural reforms, reduction in the differences between regional development standards and the strengthening of Turkey's political role in the region and globally, Simsek noted. 
Simsek also stated that even interest rates could be reduced if the Kurdish issue was solved. 
Touching on the economic crisis and bailout plan in the Greek Cypriot administration, Simsek said, "We would like our neighbors to have stability and prosperity. The problems in the Greek Cypriot administration will in no way please Turkey. The Greek Cypriot administration makes up 0.1 percent of the economy of the EU. It is unlikely that the crisis would affect the EU directly. There is a need for a strong coordination in the Eurozone. United states of Europe needs to be established."


Ankara - AA